Spent the weekend with my favorite cousin and we talked about the white lies our parents told us. My favorite was on a family vacation at an uncle’s house in northern Wisconsin.

We were all little and had been fishing for a couple of hours. That meant, of course, that my dad and uncle stood on the shore baiting our hooks and trying to save the baby blue gills we caught every two minutes in the lily pads. They finally had enough and told us we had to stop. We were having too much fun and didn’t want to. So my dad announced that there was no point in continuing because the fish stop biting at 5 p.m. We dropped our poles and ran off to find something else to do.  I believed that was true until I was about 25 when I mentioned it to a colleague who was planning to head out fishing after work. Even as the words came out of my mouth, I knew it was ridiculous.

What’s your favorite parental lie? Or the funniest one you ever told your kids?