What recession? I am on my way for a weekend get-away for my brother’s 50th Birthday party. What a surprise. The airport was packed. The flight coming in was late because it too was packed. It’s all good, I think we should all take a collecting traveler’s sigh: people are traveling. This is not scientific, of course, but what a great thing to see that the White Plains airport was packed.  So here’s my advice: Get away!

I got an email on Tuesday from my sister-in-law saying she was going to throw a surprise 50th Birthday party for my dear brother (much, much older than I!), I was about to delete the e-mail but had just had the travel bug notched up from having just been reading about my fellow travelers on Traveling Mom, so I looked into flights and was pleasantly surprised that I could fly to FLA for under 300 bucks.

In order to get away, I did have to back out of a fundraiser/benefit I wanted to attend with my husband but then I did the math, the fundraiser would have set us back $200 each, and I still hadn’t found a dress I wanted to wear, AND I hadn’t lost the ten pounds I needed to do in order to justify buying the dress. So instead, I booked the flight after my kind husband agreed (he hates those fundraisers anyway) that it would be nice for me to get away to see family.

Think about it, what’s stopping you from going somewhere? 


Next up. Get in the car and go somewhere with your family.