goby1You may have noticed Goby posts popping up left and right on TravelingMom.com recently. You may be asking yourself- what the heck is Goby anyways? (Other than an adorable orange fish?) 
Goby is a search engine that helps you find things to do. You can download it as an app on your phone (I used the Android Market to put it on my Droid, free) and it will find activities near you. Or you can change the location to pre-plan for upcoming trips. Goby has something for everyone. You can use it to find a sports game to go to, a place to have wings post-game, and a hotel to stay in that night. Being the frugal mama that I am I also did searches for free and it did a great job of pulling up free activities in my area. Not sure what you want to do? Just enter the city name and the timeframe and it will bring up a calendar list and a whole pictorial of items to choose from. 

This site is particularly useful in larger cities where the choices can be overwhelming. I know Boston very well and was surprised to see that Weezer was playing and I had missed all announcements! And the lovely city on the Charles deserves a shout-out because that is where Goby hails from. 
So pull up the Market on your phone, download Goby and plan away! 

Goby will be sponsoring our Twitter party on May 23rd during which they’ll give out an iPod and an iPad2! You must RSVP to be enteredhttp://tinyurl.com/6g99f4v.