This is the first day of spring vacation. Yahoo! Like for many families, this break will find us staying closer to home. I’ve tried to fill the week with the perfect blend of fun and interesting day trips balanced with hanging out time playing Rock Band and time for me to juggle work commitments. By the way, for anyone who sits in an office and wonders if owning your own business makes taking work-free vacations any easier, think again. Whether your’re a stay at home mom, work at home mom, or work at an office mom, maintaining sanity when the kids are off from school is simply a matter of planning, perseverance, and having a plain old fashioned sense of humor.Today we’re off to the Bronx Zoo. In earlier posts and comments I’ve mentioned my love for zoo memberships. For the reasonable price we pay for a family membership, I help a good cause, get a tax break, and save money on our outings. Since the forecast is already calling for rain later in the day, we’re studying the zoo map (which we have committed to memory by now) and are figuring out the outdoor exhibits we’ll see first and the indoor attractions we’ll save until later.For anyone planning to visit the zoo my suggestion is to check out the website the night before. There are usually special events taking place, sometimes at a specific time during the day. Knowing about these in advance can help you manage your time wisely and make each visit slightly different than the last. For example, the Bronx Zoo is holding its first-ever Earth Expo, according to the website “a showcase of companies, organizations, and products that can help you and your family live “greener.”More about our trip to the zoo and other adventures during the week.