alaskacruiseWho doesn’t love walking through the store when it’s sample time and getting just a little taste of a product to see if you like it or not?  My kids love Costco samples and I love that it keeps them entertained for the duration of each isle.  Ever wish you could do that with a vacation?

1-2-3 Day Cruises
Most cruise lines change their routes seasonally and in order to change routes they must move their ships to a new destination.  Kinda like flying South for the winter!  During these moves you can hop aboard for as short as a ONE night cruise and test out the waters!   My very first cruise was a sampler from Vancouver, B.C to Los Angeles for 3 days.  Just enough to get me hooked on cruising forever!  Now don’t think that because the ships are being moved means that these are anything less than a real cruise.  You get the full royal treatment of fine dining, entertainment and everything that a typical 7 or 10 day cruise provides. 

The Cost
For a one day trip from Vancouver, B.C to Seattle cruises start as low as $69 per person with Princess Cruises.  Other cruise lines are probably offering a similar deal.  If you live near a Port of call it’s easy to hop aboard these sample cruises and take a one-way flight back home.