wanderwear.jpgIt’s every parent’s nightmare and can happen in an instant. You stoop to tie your shoe and your three year old sees someone walk by with a balloon and poof! They’re off!

With 7 out of 10 kids experiencing public separation from a parent or guardian at some point, it’s fairly likely that even the most conscientious of parents will experience that lost child panic at some time or another. Which is why Wander Wear was created. Wander Wear makes a line of products for easy kid identification in crowded places and publishes books and literature that help educate kids and parents about what to do in case they are separated. I especially like their clip on kid tags for days when we are going to be someplace large and crowded, like Disneyland. The tags provide a specific and highly visual place for you to write your cell phone number, so that you and your child can be quickly reunited in case of separation.Their brightly colored tees and baseball caps also make it easy to quickly visually locate your child in a crowd.

Wander Wear items are sold separately or in family packs.