Thanks to Disney, I am now a veteran cruiser.  I know where aft is and that a bridge does not always connect two pieces of land.  It was fun!  Even though I was traveling with 1700 kids that were not my own!  The shows were incredible, the food fab and the company kept me laughing the entire time.  I was lucky enough to travel with Amy of, Arianne of, Deneen of, Katja of, Melanie of, Maria of and the infamous Jonathan Frontado of Disney.  1169We got to know the entire ship from galley to bridge;  we segwayed; we danced back-up to Tina Turner Jr., sipped champagne during Toy Story and fed stingrays.  All in all an adventure-packed 3 days.The Disney Cruise makes so much sense for families.  The planning is already done – food, activities and now even baby gear.  Beginning in March, Disney will offer Babies Travel Lite for passengers – a new service that eliminates the challenges of packing for infant travel and reduces the family’s luggage load.  They carry everything from bottle warmers to Diaper genies.Will I cruise again?  With kids, yes (mine, I mean).  They would love it – the freedom, the “just-for-them” activities and just the vastness of the ship.  Even though my kids have outgrown Mickey, there are plenty of other Disney-isms to love, starting with Toy Story and graduating to a private teen beach which my almost-13 y/o would love.  There is something to be said about a brand you can trust and I can’t say enough about good customer service.  And no one knows service better than Disney.