ThanksgivingPetsWell, gobble gobble! Freebies for all including felines and Fido! I think not so much. Listen up and take a word of advice. Avoid an emergency holiday trip to your favorite all-night veterinary facility to the tune of a couple of hundred dollars for holiday pay simply by using common sense.

Turkey is cooked, oyster dressing superbly nestled inside, crackers patiently wait to be smothered with ham spread and all your little fur kids gather ‘round to share in all the delights of the day as the aromas of the day permeate the household.

Aunt Stella whips up a hammy cracker and quietly slips one to Mr. Meow and Fido.  Cousin Stinky grabs a piece of turkey, skin and fat and all, and silently sneaks a tidbit or two to both.  Dinner complete and pumpkin pie swirling about, Uncle Fred thinks it’s cute how Fido laps up the pumpkin delicacy.

Suddenly, while you’re trying to clear the table, gather dishes, pour coffee and tap dance around a dozen or so toddlers, someone screams across the house, “Oh my goodness!  Mr. Meow and Fido just upchucked all over the carpet AND the sofa!”


Well, here’s the deal.  It is politely referred to as “dietary indiscretion.”  More commonly known as acute gastritis causing a rapid inflammation of the lining of the stomach from too much rich food.  That’s right, you got it!  Mr. Meow and Fido have been stuffed with everything available during the course of the day, all of which is totally foreign to their delicate systems and digestive capabilities. 

Now, an event of overeating is usually not deadly to us humans.  More than likely it will lead to nothing more than a letting out of a seam or two.  But for Mr. Meow and Fido, it can quickly lead to pancreatitis, which IS a deadly inflammation of the pancreas.  I’m quite sure that you would not like to see your darlings hooked up to IV’s for the duration of the holiday season, so a little moderation is the key here.

Yes, we’d all like to share the Thanksgiving experience and Christmas goose with our furry companions, but simply cut up about a teaspoon of turkey meat with just a tiny bit of broth, mix it in their regular food and you’re good to go.  And so are they.  Remember, your pet’s GI system is very sensitive and cannot handle lots of rich, fatty or spicy foods.

So be gentle.  Love, share and include them, as we all like to do.  But remember that they clearly are a different species and certainly do not and cannot eat like we do.  Animals only eat when they’re hungry, IF they’re hungry, unlike their humans who eat everything every day all day.  We overeat and we indiscriminately stuff our faces like they were taking it all off the shelves the next day.  That’s why we’re fat and they’re not.  Get it?  Burp!

So have a wonderful holiday with wonderfully tantalizing holiday treats and tell the rest of your family, hands off the treats for the fur kids.  Or there will be porridge for Thanksgiving and coal for Christmas.   But remember, most importantly, JoJo always ,” Just say Arf!”

P.S.  Next installment will be a blow by blow of our trip across the wide Missouri to pick up our newest adoptee, Lily, a little 4lb. Yorkie who was rescued from a Midwest puppy mill.  What a story!