photo-200x150Like most families these days, my large family of 5 has been very selective in how and where they spend their money. For us, the holiday season is not only a time for gift buying and dinner party preparations, but also birthdays and wedding anniversaries. There are a lot of celebrations that take place around this time of year.

Thus traveling is something that really takes the back burner for us. Especially since just getting on a plane for us can be so expensive. Instead, we often decide to stay home and vacation here.

That, in truth, is not such a bad choice since we are fortunate enough to live in the city of New York. But even still, it is often easy to just succumb to the laziness of lounging around the apartment and not doing much, especially if it’s really cold outside.


But instead, what we like to do is vacation at home like a tourist. And what that means is that we go out, many times not caring about the weather, and enjoy the very many things the people who DID travel to our city are enjoying.  In this way we get to also experience our city as a magical, wonderful, fun place…not just as the place we are stuck in over the holidays while all our other friends and family members are traveling abroad.

We make it a point to stay tuned to all the festivities, and because this is our home after all, we know sometimes if it is even worth going, and maybe when the best time to go are before the crowds come in.

And you don’t have to live in New York City to do this. Most cities and towns in the US have something going on for the season, big or small. If you are staying home for the holidays, don’t spend all that time inside, go out and enjoy the things that make where you live so great, even if that means traveling to a city or town nearby. Vacationing at home like a tourist not only makes your staycation a really fun one, but unlike a tourist, you get to return to the comfort of your own home in the end, which makes this type of vacation just that much better.

So go out and have an adventure…right there in the place you call home.