Are you traveling this holiday season?  I’ve noticed that quite a few hotels, including chains, independent hotels, and even bed and breakfasts and inns are offering some fabulous package deals, which include spa services, gift certificates, meals, drinks, and activities with the lodging for one low price.

Finding these packages can be a little tricky, as many of them are listed only on the participating hotels’ Web site and not necessarily on third-party sites such as Expedia, Bing Travel, and Travelocity.

If you don’t have a specific hotel in mind, but do know the location, then first start your research on a third-party site.  Reading online reviews and checking room-only prices is a great start.  Then, once you know what your top hotels are, go directly to their Web site to check package deals.  You’ll get the most for your money if you find a package that provides you with freebies you were already planning on purchasing.

Also keep in mind that hotels also sometimes send emails to their mailing list, or through Facebook pages or Twitter.  Even tourism board sites, such as offer special deals to members of their Facebook page.  Join those lists of properties that you are interested in, and you may just get the perfect deal!