bootsStrange when a Hollywood movie actually becomes your life’s resource guide.  I’m referring to Up in the Air.  It begins with a roller-bag and a guy in a security line, doffing belt, shoes, jacket, unpacking laptop, Ziploc bag full of liquids, all with the acumen of a Navy Seal breaking down a semi-automatic. Lying there on my Montana living room couch, I never dreamed I would soon become that person– judging the most expeditious line, laying cultural stereotypes on people’s heads like bets on horses.  Bee-lining it through concourses, cutting off geriatrics, mothers, children Terminator-esque.  Not proud.

But it’s blood-sport, this thing we do on the road.  You shop for your roller-bag with a severity that scares the woman in the luggage department.  Are you one hundred percent positive this’ll fit in the overhead compartment?  “Pretty sure” doesn’t cut it.  Don’t you know the 11th Commandment:  Thou shalt not check???!  It MUST fit in the overhead compartment.  Do you have it in orange?  Yes, orange.  Something unmistakable.  It’s the keeper of my scientifically chosen wardrobe! My one blouse, five pairs of underwear, three pairs of leggings, colorful scarf, and most importantly: my Spanx! It’s got to be perfect!  

I’ve just spent two solid months dragging that perfect orange Victorinox Werks Traveler 4.0. across the country, and the better part of the last year to boot.  We are in love.

Speaking of boots…you must choose wisely, young Jedi.  Running shoes (health)…boots (fashion.)  There isn’t room for both.  And you can’t wear running shoes on national television.  No, the boots win.  But what to do:  your back goes out when confronted with foreign beds, pillows, airplane seats.  The answer:  Dansko.  Dare I say I love them too. 


The boots are your body and the roller-bag is your blood, not unlike Holy Eucharist.  Choose them well indeed.

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