In the world of strollers, the UppaBaby Vista is one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to using one of these  top stroller performers whilst out strolling with my new baby. And with the addition of the Uppa Baby Piggy Back Ride Along Board my three year old son can still come with on longer walks, and catch a ride if needed. The ride on board is nice looking and made from an attractive natural wood. It flips up and out of the way when not in use and does not impede the stroller fold in any way.



I’m also loving Uppa’s Baby Bubble. bubble.jpgThis lightweight pop-up cover fits on most infant carseats and shields baby from sun, wind, rain, dust, bugs and the prying eyes and sticky fingers of all the other kids at my son’s preschool. If I were a celeb, it would be a great paparazzi foiler as well. Much more reliable than a draped blanket and a cinch to use and store, and quite cheap to boot ($19.95) this one is a mommy must have.