WhatsForBreakfast4When I tell people how much I love Twitter the response is often “I just don’t get it. I really don’t want to know what someone is having for breakfast or if they have to go to the bathroom or that they are tired and going to bed.” But I love Twitter because of just exactly that.  I can tell you anything and everything. If you’re not interested then don’t follow. Right now I am following almost 30,000 people. I don’t always catch what everyone is talking about.  Hashtags ( the pound sign # followed by a key phrase ) are the way I keep in touch with people who are tweeting about things I am particularly interested in. For example, I always follow #TMOM because then I can see what everyone on twitter is talking about when it comes to Travelingmom.com.

This year I have fallen in love with Twitter again and have a renewed enthusiasm for social media.

WhatsForBreakfast2The biggest thing is that this is the first holiday back in our house after having spent last year in the Middle East. They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving OR Christmas over there. There was a giant Christmas tree at the mall, which was strange. Of course shopping is an athletic event so spending time and money at the malls is encouraged.

The thing that helped was that Eid al-Adha fell just before Thanksgiving and so we did have a big feast with friends. The second thing was that National Day was celebrated the first week of December and since the country’s colors are red, green and white, every palm tree in the city was lit up in one of the national colors which coincided nicely with Christmas. So, we could pretend a little bit that the palm tress were lit up for the holidays. But of course there was no snow unless we went to the indoor ski resort.

In the Middle East, the Internet is filtered and bloggers are not entirely free to say what they think.  We were in the United Arab Emirates, which is fairly progressive in some respects.  Even still there was news out of Egypt and Iran and Saudi Arabia of bloggers being arrested for spreading propaganda.

WhatsForBreakfast1We are home this year and we are loving every moment. We celebrated Thanksgiving with a 24 pound turkey – there are still leftovers in the freezer. The minute the Thanksgiving dinner was done we cleaned everything up and the next morning we woke up and started decorating for Christmas.

Christmas music playe almost non-stop around here and we had Christmas movies on DVD just in case there were not Christmas movies to watch on TV every night of the month.

So, you may not want to hear what I’m having for breakfast but if you follow my updates on Twitter you will find an enthusiasm for being able to freely say what I am thinking about on whatever it is I want to think about. Even if that is just breakfast.