Last weekend, my husband and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire.

We wanted to see it on a big screen, and not the little wimpy one at our neighborhood’s arthouse cinema, so we headed down to Times Square.


I’m not going to rant and rave about how BIZARRE it is down there.  Part urban amusement park (complete with Wax museum and ferris wheel), part Vegas (the lights are so bright you have no idea what time it is), and all mob scene.


I just want to talk about how, when we walked out of the theatre (great movie, btw), we could barely walk down the street to get back on the subway uptown.  I’m talking the kind of crowds that could give you a panic attack.  At 10pm.  On the sidewalk.  Outdoors.

But we did make it to the train, and got back uptown.  I thought I had just taken a subway ride, but evidently, we had crossed some sort of time-space continuum, ’cause when we got out of the train – emptiness.

There was not one other person on the sidewalk.  It was as if we got off the subway, and found ourselves in an alternate urban universe:  the Upper West Side Zone.

Did you see the movie Vanilla Sky?  Where Tom Cruise drives down Central Park West without a car or person in sight?  Well that was it.  And it FREAKED ME OUT.

What a trip.