momnmeUsually I write about travels as a mom, but with Mother’s Day imminent and my mom’s birthday just passed, it’s time to reflect on travels with my own mom.The reason I am a TravelingMom today is largely thanks to my own mother (and no small part my father, but this is mom’s day!). She gave birth to me in Nepal and raised me mostly in a village for the first few years of my life. This was followed by Mexico City for a couple years and lots of moving around within the United States.

I firmly believe those formative experiences have made me more open to cultures even vastly different from the US. But even more than open, I seek them out and am able to feel like I can belong anywhere. Without her as an example, I wonder if I would find it as easy myself being a mother living in a foreign country.momnme2

Other adventures weren’t quite so dramatic but certainly memorable. My parents used to regularly “kidnap” my brother and me. On one such occasion, we had planned an outing and my dad was called away for a fake emergency. We left without him and as we drove down the road, mom shocked my brother and I by stopping to pick up a hitchhiker. Of course it turned out to be my dad carrying the luggage to take us on a mini-vacation.

The adventurous spirit runs throughout my family on both sides. But today I thank my mom for, among so many other things, giving me these experiences!