1512I just read an interview that First Lady Michele Obama gave to Oprah Winfrey.  She talked a lot about relating and really caring about providing support to moms and families.  I think she is sincere and will absolutely make a difference.I want to help by offering an economic stimulus idea to our First Lady:  Dear First Lady Michele Obama, Grant me an interview. Oprah is economically stimulated enough and the masses have already voted. Twenty minutes of your time on the phone with me would result in wages for many.  It works like this:I interview you about your travel preferences, must pack items and experiences on the road.  This interview would attract thousands of visitors to TravelingMom.com.  And we know from our analytics that once a mom finds TravelingMom, she returns.  Advertisers will clamor for space on TMOM to reach this highly targeted audience and that will result in revenue that I can circulate back into the economy by spending it on more help.  If you are not available, pass this on to Mrs. Biden, Julia or Britney.