Hello from your new foreign correspondent…aka ExpatMom. I will be doing something a bit different from the other TMOM bloggers, in that I am not actually traveling (well, I do occasionally) but am living abroad in the U.K., more or less permanently (ExpatHusband is not actually an expat; he is British).

So, keeping in mind that the U.K. is always one of the top travel destinations for Americans, I will be writing about what there is to do and see here for you, should you choose to come and visit (at this point I should probably put in a plug for www.visitbritain.com, Britain’s official travel and tourism site).

I will try to write about things for families to do here that are a bit different…not the same old ideas you can read about everywhere else, like the red double-decker tour bus tours, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, etc etc. These are all good things to see and do, but if you have done them before, or want to try something different, you are the market that I am aiming for (by the way, NEVER waste your time and money on Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, which is a hideous tourist trap–don’t get me started). That’s all for now…I hope to post my next item (about an actual travel destination this time) in the next week or so. Regards, ExPatMom