For the first time, we sent our 13 y/o son on a trip without us.  He was not completely on his own, he flew with my husband’s mother and they will go to my mother’s house.  He is an avid golfer so for his Christmas present, we bought him a ticket.  He was thrilled and didn’t mind escorting his grandmother.

I was a little nervous. Flying is unpredictable.  I have to admit that I did have fleeting thoughts of never seeing my son again – mini-nightmares about plane crashes and terrorists but I seriously started to have second thoughts when I realized I would not get to ring in the new year with him.  When I bought his ticket, I had been focused on price not dates. The cheapest return date was January 5 so I grabbed it.

But is a kiss on the cheek on New Year’s Eve a good reason to keep him home or bring him home early?  Was my wild imagination reason enough to change his ticket?  I let it (and him) go.  We have talked everyday and he happily gives me a weather report and his golf score.  I love that he is becoming an independent traveler.  But letting go is not easy.