How did I end up with a kid who doesn’t like to travel? Actually that’s not really the case. He likes to travel — once he’s on vacation.

But, if given the choice, he would much rather be home hanging with his pals in our basement eating everything I bought at the grocery the day before. It’s nearly the end of school and I have been trying to figure out the summer vacation. Since he’s 15 now, this very well may be our one of our last summer vacations as a family. He rejected my first offer, 10 days traveling through Tennesee, which we fell in love with while driving through on our way to Georgia for spring break. Even the specter of visits to two amusement parks didn’t get him on board. It looks like I’ll be taking that trip with just my daughter, who is almost always ready to go just about anywhere (although she wishes it were Europe). Instead, it looks like we’ll head to Wisconsin to check out Madison and the surrounding area. Here’s hoping he’s on board once I have the details ironed out.