Kelly-Ripa-MommyFirst Lola accompanied her mom to Good Morning America studios and stood just beyond the camera (I’m told) during the broadcast.  Later she was off to the kick-off.  The event took place in New York City’s famed Duffy Square and with a select few to interview Kelly she showed us once again why she is so loved.  She’s a girl after my own heart. She’s authentic. She’s funny. She’s a working mom who sometimes has to bring her kids to work with her, not unlike the rest of us. Lola had her iphone to join the textathon as she stoodby and proudly watched her mom conduct interviews and play paparazzi pinata.  She even went to mom between interviews to steal a kiss. How cute!   We traveling moms know how to multi-task and still manage time for a kiss.

Kelly is a traveling mom inspiration. She has a hectic schedule with Regis & Kelly, Masters of Reception (TLC), and other shows. She has a rigorous appearance schedule for herself and separate social calendars for Mark and the kids.  Yet, she still has time to make a difference by getting involved with Ovarian Cancer Awareness.  A childhood friend  of Kelly’s died of the disease seven years ago. This spurred Kelly to take action and partner with Elextrolux and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Kelly Ripa doesn’t use motherhood as an excuse to limit her potential. She is certainly being all she can be and helping as many people as she can.  You can help too if you text “Kelly” to 85944 and donate $5 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.  Go to  for more information on the campaign.