Family VacationMoms are loyal by nature. It’s as if the moment that tiny egg attaches to the wall of your uterus you become dedicated for life. The loyalty of a mother is not just about her children. It’s her community, her extended family, and worthy causes of her choosing. A traveling mom has an added square in her loyalty quilt: travel brands.

As a mom who has traveled for business for over a decade now, I’ve developed my loyalty toward certain brands. The best part of this loyalty is that they reward me for it. I’m a Marriott gal with almost 1 million points in the Marriott rewards program. Granted, 250,000 of those points came as a result of buying a couple of Marriott Vacation Club properties. Because I fly from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, I’m a dedicated Continental Airlines patron with over 750,000 lifetime miles. Because Avis “tries harder” I keep my Avis wizard number handy. Loyalty programs are a great perk for moms who travel with kids or on business.

Because I rack up the points all year along, we take a family vacation on Marriott and Continental yearly. A week-long family vacation in the family-friendly Residence Inn with its pool, sport courts, and family video rentals is courtesy of the Marriott rewards program. We stay in a two bedroom suite for FREE. That’s an extra $1400 to spend on carnival rides and vacation t-shirts.

Our flights are like a BOGO deal. We pay for our flights and the boys fly on the points we’ve accumulated. It’s kind of a turn on that we are earning points and using points at the same time. Though rental car loyalty programs don’t save you much money off of the already low prices of a rental they do save you plenty of time. If you’ve ever traveled with kids you know that standing in a 20-person line a rental counter is no fun. Membership has its privileges and you can go right to your car and get on with your family vacation.

There are many ways to provide affordable family vacations. One of my favorite is through loyalty programs of travel brands. Get the points!