Traveling Mom top travel blog websiteSo you love Traveling Mom? So do we, and it appears so do a whole lot of readers. We are excited to announce that we made the Top 50 Travel Blogs on Expeditioner.

So what’s so cool about that? Well, this was not a “vote for me” contest where the site with the most friends, or autobot dialers wins. Nor is it someone’s subjective idea of what make a great travel blog.

This list is based on the cold hard numbers. To quote Gordon Gekko “It’s all about the cash, everything else is just conversation”. For a website, it’s all about the number of visitors. We couldn’t be more excited that so many traveling moms and dads have found us.

Our more than 60 professional travel bloggers work hard every day to bring you great stories, tips and tools that you can use to make the most of your family vacations.

So we’re raising a glass, or a sippy cup, to you today, thanks for being our fan and telling your friends about us.