passport_bestSo this week I’m trying to get ready for my trip to Canada with the girls! Yesterday we went to get passports. I dreaded going because I could picture the ridiculously long line, kids screaming and running around but it wasn’t that bad. (Let me get that off my chest: Dear certain parents, the passport forms are available online, please print it and fill it out before you take the line! No one wants to chase your screaming toddler around the place for you!) *justsaying*

Getting passport wasn’t that bad at all my girls sat in their stroller and waited nicely, they even smile for the camera. We were in there for maybe 30-40 minutes my 2year old just play with her shape puzzle, while 1 year had fun feeding me water from her drooly sippy cup. Now that’s taken care of… I got lucky the other night, I was just about to lock my computer and I thought of tickets and decide to look, I found a nice 3 hours straight flight into Montreal out of Miami. Well that’s another hour drive to the airport but the girls are use to it, we drive to Miami all the time, so it’s all good. I just need sippy cups and cheetos for that 1 hour. For the plane I got puzzle shape toys, my 2 year old will not rest until she gets them lock together so she can sing Dora’s “I did it” song. (Thanks Kim Orlando for that great idea). Now all I have left is luggage, last time we went to North Carolina my suitcase ripped open, I need to find me a good one that can undergo the torture of TSA.

That’s it for this week travel plans! I’ll share more next week. In the mean time share your toddlers travel stories with me in the comments!