Yesterday it rained all day and seemed like it was dark for most of the day. It reminded me that I have never been an umbrella girl. No matter how long it took me to dry my hair, no matter how new my clothes, no matter how close an umbrella is or how hard it is raining, I still seem to believe that I can outrun (or dodge) the raindrops.

By the time I make it to the car, I shake my head (and my hair) and wonder why I continue to believe that I will not get wet. Maybe that is why I enjoy working out on bad weather days. As a matter of fact I like inclement workouts more so than sunny day workouts. I think it is because the invigoration counteracts the downward-moving “back –to-the-couch” energy that I sense when the weather sucks.

Traveling in bad weather can be thought of the same way. Even though there is nothing worse than getting stuck at a faraway airport or even worse, at your in-laws in Toledo, the delay will almost always make your arrival all the sweeter, whether you are arriving in Tahiti or your own front door.

The next time your travel plans go awry, think of my advice.Stay focused on the task at hand, keep your head down and you breathing deep. Look for the ways in which your delays enrich your homecoming. And look forward to more appreciation when the seatbelt sign is finally turned off and you’ve come to a full and complete stop.And then, get out there and get your workout in