Summer Family VacationWhat does it say about readers of Family Fun magazine and patrons of Choice Hotels that they would least like to travel with Honey Boo Boo and her family? And that they wouldn’t want to jump into a road trip with the Kardashians either? As far as I can tell, it says that they’re pretty smart family travelers. I wouldn’t want to travel with the Boo Boos or the Kardashians either.

This fun infographic is a collection of summer travel facts. Labor Day is here and summer is going quickly, but travel fun doesn’t have to end. You can take the kids out of school for a family vacation, plan great three-day weekend trips on those many, many weekends when your kids get yet another Monday off of school.

Among the survey highlights:

  • Families would rather drive than fly.
  • The Obamas and the Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck clan are among the most sought-after celebrity travel partners. Interestingly, the Obamas also made the don’t-invite-them list.
  • Traffic jams are the biggest pain of a traveling family (and why you’ll find my family off the Interstate and on the back roads of America).
  • Travel snacks are the best way to keep kids entertained on a road trip, and smartphones are the must-have tech toy.
  • And, like traveling moms everywhere, the survey respondents want a hotel that is affordable, includes free breakfast and has a pool.