eastcoastmomI remember growing up, my friends and I used to sing out loud along with the Beach Boys, favoring one particular line: “East coast girls are hip, I really dig the styles they wear.” Yes, we were pre-teens singing into hair brushes, but as I grew I realized that we were right.

These days, my style isn’t very hip, but I’ve learned that the east coast of our country certainly is. From the northernmost wilds of Maine to the sunsets in Florida, the east coast promises beauty and culture, history and fun – and it always delivers.

What’s a mom to do? I married a guy from Massachusetts and together we – and our five children – have explored the entire coast. Often in a minivan. Thank God for iPods with headphones.

I’m looking forward to taking this journey with you, and sharing the coast I love so much. Call me the Jersey girl with the itchy feet – and the luggage for seven. Hey, there’s always room for one more!