The minute I saw Moeben Sleeves, I knew they were going to be coming with me on a lot of trips! This clever clothing product was developed by/for long distance runners, but works equally well for families on the go. Especially when travelling! Think legwarmers, but for your arms. With UV protection.

Moeben Sleeves are a great way to mix up your travel wardrobe without adding a lot of bulk or weight to your suitcase. Use these “arm warmers” to get a layered tee look without the layers, to go from day to night in your fave tee without a chill or to protect your arms from the harsh rays of the sun. They are great for adding a little warmth and fun to any outfit. I love the way these sleeves look and feel, in their high quality bamboo blend and fleece fabrics. I also love the little pocket that is perfect for keys, ipod, cash card or $.

Moeben sleeves are great for kids as well. We keep some in the diaper bag, handy for when the sun goes down and the temps shift a few degrees. Much easier to pack than three extra sweaters! Check out the Moeben Sleeves palette of cool prints!