site-TeleNav-GPS-Navigator-hp7_devices_01This time of year we all want to be near the ones we love and, for many of us, that means traveling a bit. We have some gear to help get you there in a merry mood. Trust me, as a baby planner for, my number one tip to parents is to eliminate the stress that you can ahead of time with proper planning and all the right gear, like the products you see below. And this being the season of giving and all, the product creators are giving the entire bundle to one lucky reader! Check them out and if you want a chance to win the whole pile, leave us a comment telling us the name of your favorite family-friendly resort and what your kids (or you) love about it.

Nobody wants to get lost visiting new places (or in our hometown for that matter), so a TeleNav GPS Navigator might be smart to have before you leave home. The Navigator is an application compatible with mobile phones including the Apple iPhone, Palm Pre, T-Mobile G1 and a number of BlackBerry devices. For $9.99 a month, these applications transform the phone into a full-featured GPS device. And not just that, it checks for congestion and and re-routes you around problems and also gives you instant access to 10 million businesses you might need on the road, including gas stations and their prices for fuel. You can go to this link to find out whether this app will work for your phone. We’re giving away one year’s subscription!

motorolaGoing somewhere where you know you will split up with the husband or kids? Walkie-talkies to the rescue (sort of)! The latest Motorola Talkabout MJ270 two-way radios have a range of 27 miles (now that’s a long way!), NOAA weather alerts, hands-free operation and Emergency alert button. These two-ways even have flexible charging from the car, PC, desktop and even in remote areas. I can already picture families packing them on camping trips or amusement parks or ski resorts where there might not be great cell service. They run $69.99 per pair and can be found at Radio Shack, Best Buy, Home Depot, to name a few and online, but we’re giving away a set here!

shortsandkeyDon’t you hate when you put on an outfit and want to leave your purse at home but realize you don’t have any pockets? Who wants to stick their license or key in their shoe, sleeve or bra (you know you’ve done it!)? The PortaPocket line offers a handy and comfortable way to safely carry small valuables and important personal items without risk of theft or loss. The neoprene band and detachable pocket are available in various sizes and can be worn either under or over your clothes. The band is designed for use on the calf, thigh, ankle, arm or waist; detachable pockets make it very user friendly and the interchangeable pockets fit items of all sizes, from an ID, to money to passports to small cameras…even vital medical devices like inhalers, insulin pumps & EpiPens for people with life-threatening allergies. Kits run from $13-24 and are available everywhere through, or you can win one here.


journalgemsRemember when you were little and you kept a daily diary of all the important stuff that happened to you (like the cute guy who smiled at you that day in class-that’s important stuff you know!)? Why not recapture that fun with a journal for your dream trip? Journaling Jenius’ Journals and Journaling Jems cards are great for traveling. They’re just the right size for a carry-on bag and could give you something to do on those long drives or while sitting around airports. Check it out at this link. We’ll give away one journal and one set of cards to our lucky winner. If you want to order a set, they’re offering a discount to our readers. Just type in promo code TRAVELINGMOM to get a $15 discount on either Journaling Jems package. Good until 12/24/09.

Lincoln_MXK_split_nav_screen[1]Can’t stand the glare that makes it impossible to see the screen on your phone or laptop when you’re outdoors? Whether you’re blinded by the bright white snow or the shimmering sun, NuShieldTM DayVue will make it possible to see your screen again. The antireflective film is made of a super thin, durable plastic manufactured using a patented technology that NuShield says is like nothing else on the market. It is now also available for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices and even allows you to keep on your sunglasses and still read the display if you angle your phone. And here’s a bonus: it protects the screen from scratches. Cool.  Check it out at

And as you visit your loved ones (that make you oh, so crazy after five minutes together), in case you decide it might make the holidays merrier for all if you stay in a hotel, here’s a membership card to earn you a discount. The Members Hotel Network (MHN) or, is a membership program that costs $5 each year and provides its members up to 20% off the Best Available Rate (BAR is the same rate that, Expedia, Orbitz and others charge, but MHN says they can beat that by up to 20%). It can provide a traveler significant savings for their hotel stays, or make a great holiday gift for the guests who come see you who might be better off NOT staying in your home (what a great hint, huh?). You can even combine the MHN discount with one of the following 5 select national discounts (AAA, AARP, Military, Government or Student) to receive up to 20% off the best available rate (MHN discount plus one of these discounts). And you can earn MHN Cash Back Rewards for completed night stays and referrals and still qualify for your hotel brand/franchise rewards (e.g., Hilton Honors), and credit card rewards (as applicable).

Each of these companies is giving us one product to give to a random winner. Leave us a comment below leave us a comment telling us the name of your favorite family-friendly resort and what your kids (or you) love about it. Deadline to enter is midnight on December 20th. We do new giveaways every week on TravelingMom. Sign up for our newsletter so you always know when a new giveaway posts.