airportcounterThe days of paying the published rate for a flight and being done with it are over.  Unfortunately, when you price out a flight cost, what you are seeing is just a fraction of the total cost of your flight.  With news this week that Spirit Airlines is going to start charging for carry-ons, and RyanAir charging for use of the restroom onboard the flight,  travelers can no longer go to Bing or Expedia, find the cheapest flight, and then purchase it.

Instead, travelers need to figure out what the total cost of airline travel will be.  For instance, a family of four traveling on Delta with one carry-on bag each will spend an extra $200 round trip just for baggage!  But that same family would pay $0 on both JetBlue and Southwest.  So, those flights could be considerably less expensive if you add in the fees.

As I mentioned last week, it’s also important to look into ways to save money when flying.  Fees and additional costs can add up – so be aware and make sure you add them into your travel budget.

Photo from MissTurner on Flickr.