Normally my adventures encompass me leaving my home…well yesterday this adventure came to me in a big brown box. My son Spencer calls me from work, ,”Mom I just saved two lives, of these guys, Phil and Leroy. I feel good about what I did. Turns out he was in Brooklyn, heard this guy yell, “Fresh meat for sale.” He went inside this Hallal store, saw a duck and a rabbit about to go on the butcher block. So he bought them for three dollars a pound. He put them in a box, and immediately the guy at the butcher starts poking holes in it violenlty with a knife. Spencer, says, “Hey that’s okay, I’ll take care of them.” They guys says, “You sure, we can hack their necks off no extra you the trouble at home.” Spencer, assures the guy it’s okay. He’s in the car with his friend. They name the duck Phil and the rabbit, Leroy.He brings them home in one box. They two became buddies. The rabbit kept hiding under the duck whenever we went to pet him. Phil spent the night in the bathtub…cleaned himself up and was very happy. Leroy, ran around my attic and scared the heck out of the cats…just another day in the life of adventure mom.Here’s the link to the you tube video of the two new additions to the Capo clan. Anyone want a duck or rabbit as a pet?