Most families have a motto, a phrase that represents their guiding philosophy, whether they know it or not. For some it may be, “Shop til you drop.” For others it may be, “the early bird catches the worm.” If you cornered any of my kids and asked them our family motto, they would tell you without hesitating, “Druckmans taste everything.”They learned the motto at an early age, and although they try to find exceptions, they know the rule. Before they declare that they hate something, they must taste. And then if they don’t like what they taste, the second cardinal rule is, “Don’t yuck my yum.”I’m not trying to torture my kids, although they may sometimes think so. I’m just preparing them for all the places I want to take them traveling. When we’re walking around in Japan, Australia, or Italy, I don’t want them turning up their noses at steaming bowls of ramen, sauteed ‘roo, or fresh foccaccia. So even when we’re stuck in New Jersey, we taste everything. And I hope that all of this training will pay off during that amazing meal in Sardinia we’ll have one day.