Tonight I’m taking the kids into New York City to see the Wizard of Oz. We’ve been taking advantage of one of the few perks of this terrifying economy: incredibly cheap theater tickets.  This performance at the WaMU Theater in Madison Square Garden was 50% off! But I digress, unable to keep myself from gloating about a great bargain. Instead of just driving into the City from our New Jersey suburb and then turning around and driving home, I’ve arranged an evening of adventure for us.

I believe that it’s important to train them young.

Instead of driving in, we’ll be taking the train into the City (after dropping off my youngest at her grandparents’ house for a little free babysitting). An hour-long train ride not only gives me a chance to relax instead of watching the road, but it also is a thrilling treat for my five-year old son. Who needs a trip to Disneyworld when the joys of NJ Transit are so readily available? (Of course, Disney executives, if you’re reading this and looking to send a blogger and her family to Disney for free, don’t hesitate to make contact)


I view our day to day life as a dress rehearsal for THE BIG TRIP. By getting my kids used to train rides and other modes of public transportation, they’ll be more ready to roll with it when we go traveling this summer. So tonight, our journey to the yellow brick road will begin at the train station, and the fun will continue long after the curtain goes down on Dorothy.

When not dragging her kids into New York on the train, Vanessa blogs about cooking and parenting at Chefdruck Musings.