oldyankeestadiumOpening Day of the 2010 baseball season is just around the corner. So TravelingMom TV on MomTV took a Chat-Journey through a few of the best baseball  parks and sites in the USA.

On the way I learned that there are some really amazing Boston Red Sox fans, that friendly rivalry gets the Joe Giradi seal of approval, and that no matter what the topic of conversation is, it always goes back to finding some delicious places to eat!

We started the journey with the home of my favorite team, The New York Yankees. The picture on the left is the Historic (Old) Yankee Stadium– the one that was recently demolished in favor of the New Yankee Stadium. Nonetheless, the New Yankee Stadium has more to offer than just “the most winningest team ever.” The newest stadium has an eclectic mix of food choices- everything from the good ole’ hot-dog to the acclaimed NYY Steak. In addition, visitors can experience three different stadium tours.

Before heading to our next park, we headed to Cooperstown, New York. If you are a literary-nerd like me then you know Cooperstown as the home of American author of “The Last of the Mohicans,” James Fennimore Cooper. Steeped in history, Cooperstown also houses The Baseball Hall of Fame. This museum is timeline of the game and even provides a history lesson about the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, the Pride and Passion: The African-American Baseball Experience, and even a tribute to Caribbean Baseball. And if you are so inclined, drive 45-minutes to catch the Oneonta Tigers, a minor league team. It’s a great experience for children. Oneonta was formerly the home of the National Soccer Hall of Fame but it was recently closed due to lack of funding.


Continuing on the Baseball Tour, here are some other parks worth visiting as discussed on TravelingMOMTV:

Must-See Old Parks

Must-See Newer Parks

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