TravelingMom.comMy two grandmothers are a part of me, no doubt. As I look at an old photograph, one of the few, capturing these two special women together in a place in history. I can almost time travel, it seems.There is no way to compare them, Faith True Phillips Kendall and Georgia Annette Gupton Beard.

They are both special ladies. Their beauty, skills, talents and virtues blend perfectly. I seek to hold just some parts of their characters and qualities.The photo was taken around 1963 or 1964 in the dining room of the Kendall house, where I now reside. I can see the room’s features have changed very little. The two women, both seamstresses, are working together on a blue satin and white lace gown my mother wore as the local Harvest Queen. I have seen this gown and tried it on when I was sixteen. Just about her age when it was made for her. Soon after the Harvest Festival, my life was begun.This photo takes me back to that moment in time when two strong women worked together to create something beautiful. It also symbolizes for me the combined love of those two women for my mother, the woman that gave life to me. They worked side by side, and independently, to help make my life a good one.Their stories I will share to show how hardships and good fortunes, alike, have made them so strong and so loving through their different means and manners. One is so calm and cool, with her silver tones. While the other is so high-strung, fiery and red. I love them both and they love me with a love only another mother understands. It is unconditional and as reverent as Christ’s sacrificial love for us all.I did not completely comprehend its depths or intensity until I became a mother, myself. Now, I know what true love feels like. Every young woman needs to know that there is so much more to love than that schoolgirl crush, honeymoon lust or even a fulfilling, lifelong marriage. The birth of my son brought about this unexpected and wonderful discovery for me at a time when I needed it most. I found such purpose and gratification that I want to give something back to all.There is no rule book or guidelines for new mothers, mothers of teens or grandmothers. It is just what they do. They give. They make life better by teaching, creating, healing. Above all, they love us the best way they can.Think about your own mother or grandmother. I am sure you will have fond memories, as well. Preserve them and pass them on. Do not waste an opportunity to photograph those moments, appreciate them by saying “Thank You” or “I love you.” My simple goal is to help someone’s life become better or brighter by sharing these bits of love from our own family’s treasure chest of stories full of faith, love and hope. What a plan God had when he designed mothers and assigned them to us.