romanoski1-150x150Considering all my ski options this winter – #1:  cheap, season pass for a local small mountain (we are all novice skiers).  The pass will require 9 visits to break even.  Option #2 is to rent equipment locally (a big recommend) – it takes forever to get equipment and costs a fortune at the ski resorts – and take a couple of mini ski vacations.

Last year we visited Sundown in CT and Butternut in MA – both great learning mountains.  I have heard that ThunderRidge is also fun and close by.I have never caught on to skiing.  I’m not a speed seeker and falling is NOT fun for me.  I would like for my kids to learn to ski so that when they are 40, the fear does not prevent them from sticking with it – like some people.What if there is no snow?  Could we really be THAT lucky?