nycrunI recently started running again. As I have a business trip coming up next month, I’m thinking about how I will incorporate my new fitness regime into my travels. Fortunately, my destination is somewhat pedestrian friendly and most likely will accommodate my need to run. If you are traveling to a new city and want to keep up your running (or walking) routine, follow these tips to do so safely.


Wear light, bright clothes. You’ll be safer if you can be seen. Wear light colored clothing (with reflectors if you will be out at night) to ensure that motorists or other pedestrians can see you. 

Find a safe path. Talk to the hotel’s concierge or front desk staff about nearby paths that are safe for runners or walkers, especially if you will be hoofing it alone. In addition, ask about the terrain and distance. 

Ask about group runs. Many business conventions include a “fun run” or other short run coordinated by the show organizers. Sign up for the run – not only will it provide a group to run with, but it could also be a potential networking opportunity. In addition, the hotel may know of groups nearby that schedule runs in the area that you can join. 


Stay indoors. If you feel uncomfortable running or walking alone, don’t do it. Stay indoors and use the hotel fitness center or work out in your room.