A staycation doesn’t have to be a punishment.  Staying close to home can be a great time to discover hidden gems in your neighborhood, take a vacation from your normal routine and to bond as a family.  Here are a few tips to make the most of your next family staycation.

Don’t over schedule

There is a tendency to try to do and see as much as possible while on vacation, so make a conscious effort not to over schedule our staycation. Instead, balance a few outings with a couple of days when you stay in your pajamas watching movies and playing games all day.

Keep outings close to home

Anything further than a 45-minute drive or 30-minute train ride is too far and unnecessary. There are undoubtedly an infinite number of things to do and see that you haven’t done before within this 25-mile radius.

Get out of a rut

Pass by the place you’ve gone to for brunch every Sunday for the past 15 years and try something different. You are on staycation after all.

Be a tourist

Go to the places people come to your town to see. Discover what’s good in your hood and get a new appreciation for where you live.