An overnight away – just for the peace of it. I’m ready for an overnighter to New Jersey.  Just a night away, alone.  Where is that job I whined about when I need it?  Funny how it is OK if I am paid to go away overnight, but if it is not work related, it feels wrong, sacrilegious.  It was OK to like it as long as there was another motive for leaving my children, I guess.  If an overnight is strictly for peace of mind and relaxation, well, that is an unexcused absence.  Says who?  Are these my own condemnations and judgments?  Am I making this all up?  No one has ever come out and accused me of being a bad mom for traveling once a week.  One mom told me that my job was too much and she was glad my job was finished, but that was the extent of finger pointing or name-calling.  These are thoughts I’ve made up myself, perhaps originating from judgments I have had about others.

I will find a way to allow myself the luxury of being away overnight, alone… with a refreshed mind my only compensation.