Naturally I have been thinking about visiting Rwanda on a volunteer trip now that it feels so familiar.  But am I really ready?  I whined and moaned this past summer while in Italy because my husband’s aunt refused to buy a fan for our room AND she kept the windows shut in case of an attempted robbery.  I experienced true stifling heat and I was crabby.  I wondered then how in the world I would handle sleeping in a mosquito netted sleeping bag in Africa.  Then again, Rwanda is known as Land of 1,000 Hills and it is a temperate 70 degrees most of the time.  The other issue I struggle with is whether I can handle the enormous need I will witness first hand.  I am overwhelmed here with the stories I have heard and what I know I must do for the kids I now call my friends.  Just look at these photos and you will get a glimpse of their earnestness, their joy and their hope.  How do I prepare my heart?