We’re heading into the summer months and although the price of gas is at an all time high, many of us are still planning on heading out on a road trip at some point between now and Labor Day. And in anticipation of the trip, you may be thinking about what dvds to buy/rent to keep the kiddos amused.

But wait! Before you plug them in – check out our suggestions for fun family themed travel. Themed travel you ask? What the heck is that? Well consider it the equivalent of the themed party. Just like leis and beverages with paper umbrellas make a barbecue less boring, themed travel can turn an ordinary roadtrip into an extraordinary adventure.


The Theme: Concert Tour.

Before the Trip: Let your kids pick their favorite artist/popstars. Buy or lend them some oversized sunglasses and have them make a sign for the car window discouraging the paparazzi. Compile a playlist of their favorite songs by the artist(s) and don’t forget to pack their ipods.

Games for the Trip:

  1. Lyrics Challenge: Think your kids know every word to "Life’s What you Make It?" by Hannah Montana or whatever your kids fave star is? Put that knowledge to the test by challenging them to sing the song in a round robin, one word at a time.
  2. Band Campers: Score a point for every RV you spot that may or may not contain your fellow rockers.
  3. Famous Friends: One person picks a person at the next table at a restaurant, or in the tollbooth and decides what celebrity they think the person looks like.They write it down and everyone takes turns guessing.

 Other Activities:

  1. Fan Mail  – Send out postcards to your adoring fans describing life on the road
  2. Song Writing – Because travel inspires you to write a song
  3. X was here – Take a picture of your rocker(s) in costume at landmarks. Bonus points to anyone holding a mic or musical instrument.

Additional Optional Accessories:

  • Themed pajamas, bedding, etc (for night travellers)
  • Themed Stationary and Travel Activity type books
  • Disposible Cameras

Most of all don’t forget to pack your sense of humor!

Got a themed roadtrip idea or pictures/amusing blog posts of your own themed road trip to share with Car and Caboodle? Tell us about it in the comments!