Although I I am spending the summer at a beautiful house in the Hamptons….I need a vacation. It’s not that I don’t love my parents.  I do.  It’s just that three months of them generously opening up their home to me and my kids is starting to feel a little….loooooooong.

So after looking in to several nearby options: Woodloch Pines (too expensive, and booked anyway), Mohonk Mountain House (Too expensive and…too expensive), Baumann’s Brookside (too…I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but maybe too cheap.  It scared me.) we planned a trip to Mountain Springs Lake Resort in the Poconos.

MSR is bascially a bunch of cabins around a lake.  There’s a playground, and games to borrow from the office, plus each cabin comes with it’s own rowboat, but basically, it’s a cabin in the woods.  No grandparents in sight. (At least not from my family.)

I was already planning what we would need: BBQ tools, charcoal (each cabin has a charcoal grill, too), beach towels, some floaties, a container of Pesto for the kids’ favorite salmon recipe, the card games Sleeping Queens and Frog Juice (also kid faves), flashlights, and the all important bug spray.


And then I got the call.

After months of not being the least bit busy at work, my husband is suddenly swamped.  Trip cancelled.  Bye bye. Maybe another woman would have taken her kids alone.  But I’ve already spent my summer taking care of the kids on my own while my husband is in the city.  Bringing them to a different place to do the same thing doesn’t seem like much of a vacation to me.

Don’t get me wrong – busy at work is good, seeing as how the economy is what it is right now – but I really wanted this break, this chance for just the four of us to hang out: no tv, no cell phone reception, no pressures.

No way it’s happening.

The woman at the reservation desk was kind enough to let me apply our deposit to another trip.  So maybe it will happen this fall.  Maybe just my husband and I will go.  Maybe we’ll have a romantic weekend getaway.

Or maybe, we’ll just come back out to the Hamptons once my parents have gone back to the city: free rooms, a nice pool, bikes in the garage, and a bay at the end of the lawn.

We even have a rowboat.