It looks like the recession is cutting into our vacation time.  Most of us are still taking trips, but a recent survey by shows many are not going to stay gone as long.  The survey showed about 43 percent of those questioned would vacation fewer days this year due to recession factors.  I know my family won’t be taking any week-long trips this year, as we have in years past.  And the trips we are taking are to see friends and family where lodging expenses are covered.  After seeing gas prices over four dollars a gallon last year, I’m cringing at the climbing prices at the pump already.  Our budget is tight already, and as much as we say we’ll only spend money on the “getting there” part, skipping the expense of eating out and replacing it with frugal “fix your own” meals, we rarely stick to that plan.  It’s just too tempting when you leave town to leave those frugal habits at home.  It’s hard to get the kids to understand that yes, we’re on vacation, but no, they can’t spend the day at the amusement park in the town we’re visiting.  Sure, we can hunt down deals to make those kinds of fun outings more affordable, but with four kids, even a trip to the movies can break the budget.  So why go at all?  Well, for the same reason other people gave in the survey.  We all need to get away.  And sometimes, just the change of scenery, instead of the splurges, can be enough to leave us feeling refreshed.

Survey stats:

.        51.2% said they would spend less each day, while 43.4% said they would vacation for fewer days due to recession factors.

.        76% said good deals on lodging would encourage more travel, while nearly 50% said that the simple need to get away was the biggest motivator for travel.


.        65% said relaxation was most popular anticipated activity for upcoming vacations.