The Talk hosts on CBS It’s nice to see Mom Power on TV, thanks to “The Talk,” the daily mom-hosted talk show that debuted this week on CBS. Co-hosted by Holly Robinson Peete, Leah Remini, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert (executive producer) and Marissa Jaret Winokur, the show tackles the usual girlfriend talk show topics–family, weight, friends, fashion, business, kids and health BUT from a mom’s perspective. There is always a lot to be learned from a woman with experience and that is why the best parenting expert is always another mom – celeb or no.

I was invited to a pre-debut focus group of bloggers. While I was disappointed the show doesn’t have a travel segment — we all know moms are the ones figuring out the logistics of most family vacations—I was thrilled to see a woman-run talk show in which the hosts are opinionated but supportive of one another’s opinions and choices. Hey! I know a traveling mom who would be perfect for this!

No Divas on The Talk

The last thing I want to see on TV is another show filled with cat fights, diva-esque disagreements and Springer-like ratings boosters.Holly Robinson Peete from the Talk on CBS

As I told the co-hosts, they have an opportunity to model healthy debate and differences in a positive way because, until now, the only format for reality TV shows pits one woman against another.  They agreed.

I don’t know why it’s appealing (even comforting) to watch celeb moms discuss the same issues I struggle with, but it is. These mamas are on TV but they talk and laugh about many of the same topics we non-celebs do.  Yes, financially, they can afford more but that can also cost them a lot more too. The bottom line is that they are working moms who care about their family, their world, their health and each other.  In fact, most of them travel much more than most of us and often they have to be away from their kids.

The Talk Connects with Moms

There is someone on the host panel for every mom to connect with. For me, it is Sharon Osbourne, a rock ‘n’ roll mom who uses words like willy and f**k it.  I am galloping into the teen stage with my kids and she has already been there.  Sharon is honest and outspoken about her experiences – good and bad – and her confessions and advice give me confidence in my own choices. I want someone to remind me to buck up and do what I think is best, to not worry about another parent who is out of touch or the blabber mamas who haven’t learned the importance of supporting other moms.

Sharon Osbourne co-host of The Talk on CBSIt didn’t hurt that Sharon stayed a few minutes later than scheduled and hugged me.  Twice.  And it was a real hug too.  So I am a fan.  I might even run for president of “The Talk” Fan Club.  I want to help this show succeed because I think it is ground-breaking for other mom-focused shows to follow.  I also love the fact that young Sara Gilbert is the brainchild behind the show and that she has surrounded herself with moms of all ages who have kids of all ages, and who are opinionated and successful in a tough industry.

As bloggers, we have an opportunity to support this show.  If this show is successful, it is likely there will be more mom-centric shows.  That’s what we want, right?