I often think I am a bad influence on my kids. I’m the mom who tells them to stay home because they’re tired or the one who wants to keep them out of school for a family vacation.It was never an issue when they were younger. If there was a great trip available, we went. My kids always brought home straight A’s, so I would send an email to the teachers at the start of each school year letting them know that my kids would be gone now and then. If it ever affected their schoolwork, I always figured I would reconsider. Luckily, it never did, so my resolve was never tested.It’s not that I am a slacker. Just the opposite. I’m a workaholic. Have been pretty much since I got my first paying job as a life guard at age 14. Looking back now, I wish I had taken more time to play, which is the message I try to convey to my kids.Apparently, though, they are modeling what they see rather than what I say. Neither of them will take a day off of school unless they have spiked a fever, in which case I forbid them from leaving the house. This weekend, we are headed to Wisconsin to check out winter at one of our favorite summer resorts, The Osthoff in Elkhart Lake. From there, we’ll head to visit family near Madison and cut down our Christmas tree, an annual ritual. I suggested that we might give ourselves a break and stay over Sunday night, returning to Chicago on Monday morning.Oh, the howls of protest from the teens who say they can’t miss world history or science. We’ll be returning Sunday night.