The CT House in Less Watery Times!Did you see that title?  Yes, my lovely country retreat is slippery.  As in wet.  As in somewhat under water. Something you country folk call a burst pipe. See, here in Manhattan, we have a Super.  We don’t know these things.

A little background info: we share a place in Connecticut near a nice, little family run mountain where we go skiing in the winter.  Or at least we did, until last week, when a neighbor called to let us know the fire department was at the house – in force – and things didn’t look good.  It wasn’t a fire – it was a burst pipe but the damage went from the attic (where the pipe was) all the way into the basement (where my cousins’ summer stuff is). So much for ski season

But rather than sit around and mope, or freak out that I had paid for all those ski passes for nothing, I called the insurance company.  Seems they’ll pay for the repairs (after a hefty deductible) and alo — get ready for it:  for a hotel for three weekends. THREE!  So you know what I’m gonna do?  President’s weekend, we are going to The Interlaken Inn, in Lakeville where the family (including the dog – it’s a very pet friendly place) will stay in a townhouse complete with fireplace, kitchen, and laundry.  Paid for by insurance!

But the weekend after that? Hubby and I are ditching the kids — I mean, finding fabulous sleepovers for our children — and heading out to a romantic B&B for the weekend. Hey – insurance didn’t say we had to bring the kids with us!  I’d love to stay at The Winvian in nearby Morris CT.  This place looks unbelievable.  I’ve never been, but it has, quite possibly, the best brochure I’ve ever seen. Fifteen architects have created eighteen distinct cottages, each with an architectural theme.  There’s the secretive, intimate Secret Society Cottage, the Stone cottage, the Camping Cottage, the Treehouse – which really is one. And perhaps most amazingly, the Helicopter Cottage…which really is one – a helicopter, that is.

This child-free (but pet-friendly) property also boasts a gourmet restaurant, first class amenities, and a spa. It also boasts, however, a hefty, hefty price tag. A la carte rates (room only)start at $750 per night. All Inclusive is $1250-$2300 per night.  Insurance company?  I don’t think they’ll go for it.

I also looked into The Mayflower Inn. This historic property is charming and luxurious, the restaurant is great, and they have a fablous spa that I’ve never been able to use, because – even though it’s ten minutes from our house – it’s open only to Inn guests.  The Mayflower, however, will have to wait, because somehow I think the insurance company would balk at the starting price tag of $750 per night, double occupancy. (mid week rates may be much better)

So where are we staying?  Not sure yet.  But The Inn at Kent Falls looks nice…and a much more reasonable $195 per night.  Of course it’s a B&B, and not a luxury resort. But the rooms look lovely and quaint, the breakfast sounds copious.  And really, a weekend away from the kids is luxurious enough for me.

But then I had a thought.  Why am I going to same area I always go to?  I’m gonna switch it up — really feel like I’m going somewhere new.  So I’m headed to historic Hudson Valley, and picturesque Rhinebeck NY.  Close to Bard College, and the DIA art foundation. The Olde Rhinebeck Inn is the place I’ve chosen.  Authentic, rustic, elegant, and tastefully decorated (you should see what some B&B’s think passes for good taste!).  We’re getting a lovely suite for the reasonable, insurance friendly rate of $225.  And the (included) breakfast looks divine.

I’ll keep you posted.  All the details.  Except, maybe a few.  After all, this will be the first weekend alone my husband and I have had – without the kids – in about five years. Romantic getaway, here we come!