Titanic2The tragic, true story of the Titanic is well known because of the movie, exhibit and museum. When you think about the catastrophe and the lives lost after the ship hit an iceberg, would you sail on a ship named the Titanic II?

The ship not only carries the name of the original, it is designed as a replica. The man behind the Titanic II ensured the public that is extremely safe and carries more than enough life boats. Clive Palmer, an Australian mining tycoon held a news conference unveiling the ship via video.

It boasts Turkish baths, a grand staircase and gymnasium. It will contain three passenger classes and will not have televisions in the state rooms. There are modern touches, though – a helicopter landing pad, air-conditioning and internet access. Passengers can choose to wear period costumes as well.

Expected to sail in 2016, the Titanic II will hold 2,435 passengers and 900 crew members. There are 40,000 passengers already signed up for the maiden voyage, which will sail from Europe to the Americas. (The exact locations will be decided at a later date.)

Whether considered a crass or brilliant idea, the number of passengers willing to sail means that the plans for the Titanic II will go on.

Would you consider sailing on the Titanic II?