believeI haven’t been on a plane since November 2009. That feels like a long time. I find it hard to believe I didn’t fly once in 2010? What kind of a traveling mom am I anyway? There were a couple of solo road trips in there, but life was just a bit too crazy to book a plane ticket to anywhere. You see, in my mind, purchasing a plane ticket is making a commitment.

When you have a child with Autism, you know in the back of your head that all plans are tentative.  Once plane tickets are purchased it is a lot harder to cancel or back out (at least in my experience).  Road trips can be delayed, cancelled, or completely rescheduled without taking a hit to the wallet.  Plus I like driving (by myself).  I find it very relaxing and great for clearing my head.  But flying – that is the most freeing feeling of all.

There is, of course, the stress of getting to the airport, checking in, getting through security, boarding, and crossing your fingers that nobody sits next to you part of it, which I could do without.  My favourite part is the moment the plane’s wheels leave the ground, followed by the thrust of the engines as you leave everything behind you and head up into the sky.  I still see flying as a miracle, even though I’ve been on more planes than I can count. 

2011 promises to be a better year for travel already.  In three weeks I’m heading down to Nashville for the Blissdom Conference.  I’ve never been to Nashville, and I am really looking forward to spending time with some of my favorite ladies and geeking out over the latest trends in social media.   The conference is at the Opryland hotel and will be a lot of fun.  Add to that I have my own room at the Opryland Hotel so I will get some time to be alone.  That’s “blissdom” unto itself.  The only question I have is will my old cowboy boots cut it or am I going to be forced into investing in a new pair once I get there?  Not a terrible problem to have at all! 


Going away for three nights will require quite a bit of up front preparation so that my husband and in-laws aren’t left completely on their own.  Grocery shopping, laundry, and having the house organized are a must.  Pre-made lunches, clothes selected for the kids for each day, schedules nailed down, and a lot of paying it forward are also must haves.  Three nights away will easily require three weeks preparation.   But I believe 2011 is going to be a terrific year all around.  Who knows, I may even swing another trip as early as February?  I’ll see how my family copes with me being gone for a few days in January before I book another plane ticket though!