Anyone who has birthed a child and raised them to the age of four or five knows that said offspring will at some point in their lives develop a passion for a place that is unspeakably, unbearably boring. A place where time moves backward and where five minutes can seem like five hours. It may be a museum or a petting zoo or a park where no other children ever want to play. And yet you will go there. Repeatedly. Why?

  • Because it is raining. For the tenth day in a row.
  • Because your child has fixed his baby blues on you one too many times and pleaded.
  • Because sleep deprivation has left you devoid of all decision-making ability.

For me, the place that somehow seems to put a hole into the space-time continuum is the Delaware Museum of Natural History, much beloved of my youngest child. What bores me so much is a mystery. Is it the giant dung beetle? The huge collection of birds’ eggs? Or the stuffed elephant’s head? I can’t really say. But I know that every time I go there I feel like I must be at least ten years older when I leave, and yet no time at all seems to have elapsed. (For more details,  if you dare read them, please see Out and About With Kids: More Dinos as the Natural History Museum.)

Does your child have a favorite day trip that bores you beyond all belief? Do share – we promise not to judge.