san fran“Honey, let’s spend a romantic weekend in Trenton, New Jersey.”

These words must not be uttered much by couples seeking romance, because Foursquare ranks Trenton on its list of “Least Romantic Cities.” The social networking website also came up with a list of “Most Romantic Cities,” which includes a few obvious choices (San Fran? I mean, of course).

I think Chicago belongs on the most romantic list. But I think my fellow TravelingMoms can attest to the fact that that romance can be found in the middle of nowhere.


It isn’t about the place, but the person. A little something to think about this Valentine’s Day. 

With that said, below are the “most romantic” and “least romantic” city lists. Do you agree with these picks?

Most  Romantic Cities:

San  Francisco, CA

New Orleans,  LA

New York  City, NY

Savannah,  GA

Honolulu,  HI

Portland,  OR

Harrisburg,  PA

Seattle,  WA

Charleston,  SC

Denver,  CO


Least Romantic Cities:

Trenton,  NJ

Akron,  OH

Virginia  Beach, VA

Springfield,  MO

El Paso,  TX

Raleigh,  NC

Salt Lake  City, UT

Greenville,  SC

Lansing,  MI

Tucson,  AZ