My first impression of the Maxi Cosi Loola Stroller is that it was a bit of an odd bird. It’s an umbrella style stroller with a compact fold. But the Loola is in a different class weight and strength-wise. This may be confusing to some consumers, because it is not what we are necessarily familiar with. Take a minute to get to know the Loola though. Different can be a very good thing.

Another way the Loola is different? It boasts a reversible seat. I don’t know of any other “umbrella style” stroller on the market that can make this claim. The Loola seat pops on and off easily to switch. The frame can be folded with the seat attached, facing either forward or backward. Carseat adapters for the Maxi Cosi Mico infant car seat come standard with this stroller which makes it very useful for those seeking a stroller “system” as well.

At this point you can already see the comparison to umbrella strollers is not a fair one. Aside from the frame’s fold, and the handle styles, it really departs from the umbrella model. So lets forget for a moment that I said the U-word and have a look at the strollers many other features.


The Frame:

Weighing in at 28 lbs, this stroller rivals some of the SUV strollers out there. To me this is not really a lightweight stroller. I need under 22 lbs for that. The Loola is pretty easy to heft when folded because of the very compact fold. But it’s not for those who think lifting a jug of milk is a workout – check out the Quinny Zapp if that is you!  The Loola is a little weighty.  There is a plus side to this weighty-ness however. This stroller is also sturdy. It’s not tipping over and it’s not doing that creaky, rickety squeaky thing that so many lightweight strollers do. The thing is solid. Solid as a rock. We took our Loola on a trip to Catalina island and walked to the hotel with luggage hanging off this stroller’s handles. And no, I don’t recommend this practice to anyone else! But since I’m confessing, I’ll also let you know we had no tippy turns on the way to check in. The Loola frame has a somewhat wide stance for a stroller with an umbrella style fold which lends additional stability. We found this comforting with our active son who loves to find ways to climb in and out of the stroller, and test it’s tip factor by leaning way far out this sides. Yes, my youngest was born to “test”!

The Basket under the Loola is generous but not crazy big. You can fit your smaller diaper bag in there or items for a day long outing. No worries since you can safely hang items from the handles as well!

The Push:

The Loola is does not pass the single pinky steering test. However it is easy and smooth to push (even when my four year old was riding) with two hands and turns tightly. The ride is plush thanks to great shocks. Handlebars are adjusted by rotating the handle “horns”. You accomplish this with the push of a button. We would have liked to see a little extra height on the handles, although oddly  it was me that wanted this, and not my six foot husband. The brake is easily activated and deactivated by stepping on a red/blue pedal at the rear of the stroller. One other nice feature – the front rotating wheels can be locked in the non rotating position (for added stability on ice or rough terrain) with the push of a button on the stroller’s frame. No stooping or getting your hands dirty.

The Seat:

The Loola came with a reversible (yay!), well padded seat in a cute blue/chocolate striped pattern that reversed to a solid. The fabric is soft and cushy and also really fashionable! I appreciate that it is easy to remove and wash. My son was quite comfortable riding in this stroller. There is a bumper bar that comes with the seat but we ultimately decided to leave it off as our son loves to climb in and out and was trying to kick it off the whole time it was on (see our pics – he’s a corker!). Fortunately the bumper bar is made to be removeable. It’s handy to have if you want to attach toys, or a snack tray or pouch as this stroller did not come with any food/drink holders. The seat reclines almost completely flat (adjusting to four positions) and the canopy is plenty big enough to shade a sleeping tot. I like the large view window in the back that allowed me to see my son clearly when he was napping. The stroller also comes with a removeable clear rain cover.

The Fold:

The fold on this stroller is relatively fast and easy. You push the side buttons and pull up in the center and viola! It is a telescoping fold and makes for a compact package. Once folded the stroller stands on it’s own which was really handy for us while on Catalina as well. We were hopping on and off boats, in and out of tour buses and this quick fold feature made that much easier for us.


Perhaps the reason I like the Loola so much is because although it has an umbrella-like fold, it has none of the issues that I commonly find bothersome with umbrella strollers. I tend to shy away from them because as much as I like to travel light, I still value the performance of a full size stroller. I have no patience with tippy, non reclining, flimsy feeling strollers. The Loola bridges the gap.  It’s in a class of its own. It folds small enough to shove onto the tram at Disneyland, or into a hall closet at your inlaws, and yet it does not require that you sacrifice function and quality when you reach your destination. Bonus points for the (cutely upholstered) reversible seat and the fact that it functions as a system with the Mico carseat.


  • Compact telescoping fold
  • Reversible seat
  • Handle-mounted lock to switch easily between fixed or swivel front wheels
  • Fully compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Mico™ Infant Car Seat
  • Adjustable handles for your comfort
  • Shopping basket to hold belongings
  • Includes a rainshield
  • Easy to handle
  • 5-point harness for safety